Bathroom Trends 2015

It seems like bathrooms are the number one item on homeowners’ remodeling list this year…and it’s not surprising! According to U.S. News and World Report, a well-done bathroom remodel yields am average return of 62 percent (see article here:  n-investment).  So given the growing popularity of bathroom remodels in particular, what are the latest trends to consider incorporating in your bathroom project? Check out 5 of my favorites below!

1) Mixing Finishes

For a long time, chrome was king…but now we are seeing all sorts of new finishes on the market.  Newport Brass, for instance, offers 27 different finishes for most of its faucets, including everything from matte white to polished copper to french gold.  And with metallic finishes like gold leaf and champagne leaf all the rage in lighting and hardware, there’s less need to use one finish exclusively in a bathroom – instead consider mixing a few complimentary finishes in a cohesive manner!

For instance, check out the combination of this French Gold Newport Brass faucet paired with World’s Away silver leaf mirror and gold leaf wall sconces.











2) Industrial is IN!

From vintage-inspired tiles, industrial style fixtures, to mid-century light fixtures, the retro look is not only back with a vengeance, but it’s taking on a cool, contemporary twist that makes it appealing to a large audience.  Check out these budget-friendly black and white tiles from Lowes, Schoolhouse Electric pendants, and Waterworks faucet as inspiration for your industrial look.










3) Geometric Tiles

Perhaps my favorite trend, geometric tiles are all the rage! From chevron and herringbone blends, to waterjet mosaics, to funky cement tiles, if you’re looking for statement-making tile, this is the way to go! Just don’t go overboard – geometries are great for an accent wall, tile niche, or for a graphic floor, but keep the rest of the look simple to avoid visual chaos! Check out the Akdo, Walker Zanger, and Heath Ceramic options below:











4)Fabric-inspired Tile

Taking a cue from the fashion world, porcelain tile with texture and patterns are increasingly popular options and just happen to be incredibly affordable.  In a world previously dominated by marble and subway tiles, these porcelain alternatives add an unexpected look to bathrooms large and small.   Below are budget-friendly options by DalTile, American Olean,  and MSI Stone.











5) Nature-Inspired Bathrooms

In an effort to create a soothing, spa-like retreat, many homeowners are seeking new and inventive ways to bring the outdoors in.  If you have sufficient privacy, consider adding larger windows – this will not only let in natural light, but also create a more natural backdrop in your space.  Using FSC Certified woods like bamboo are an Eco-friendly option and create a warm feel.  Wood-look tiles, natural stone elements, teak flooring, and reclaimed wood are all great options to create this look.




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